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“During the winter term of 2016 Chris Casey participated in a collaborative design project with Gillette and their innovation partner, Matter. Due to the commercial sensitivity of this work to Gillette, is is unable to be shown at this time; however, what follows is a short project overview:

As part of a four-week project, students were tasked to create small teams and operate as a design consultancy. Each team worked against a brief to explore new grooming solutions for male and female consumers.

The consultancies were challenged to uncover local market insights, create new found empathy with their target consumers and innovate solutions using P&G’s Moments of Truth framework. The final output was a well thought out, holistic concept that delivered against market, consumer, brand and business requirements.

The continued quality of work, professional attitude, and high level of creative thinking demonstrated by the Aquarius consultancy was commendable and of great value to the Gillette business.”

As recognition for their strength as an individual designer Chris Casey was invited to present their work at Gillette’s R&D facility.

Matt Hodgson

Principle Design Engineer, P&G Beauty and Grooming R&D