“herethere” is an automatic vaporiser using pheromone liquid in vial refills to control pet behaviour in the home.

Similar to people, dogs and cats become stressed. A new home, family member or just that annoying cat next door can cause unwanted behaviour like destructiveness, marking, scratching furniture, urinating in the house and excessive meowing. Pheromones are a type of chemical communication between members of a species. The vomeronasal organ, which is located between the nose and mouth in cats and dogs receives pheromones. Certain pheromones called calming or appeasing pheromones, can help relieve stressed pets and control behaviour. Cats and dogs are very sensitive and even a slightly unpleasant smell can cause them to recoil in distaste.

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The “herethere” vaporiser brings together three existing airfreshner technologies incorporated in a single unique product for the pet owner. The pet responds accordingly to the aroma. The vapour is undetectable by humans and the product is non-invasive in the home. Placed in specific areas in the home environment the vaporiser will attract your pet for example to its bed or detract from spraying and scratching soft furnishings.

A vial of liquid is inserted into the body of the vaporiser. Liquid vials are purchased individually as a consumable refill. The liquid is absorbed via a wick. Heating of the liquid wick creates a vapor, which is diffused into the surrounding room environment. The heating element operates intermittently and is controlled by a circuit board connected to a battery pack within the vaporiser body, The “herethere” automatically delivers regular and consistent emission of vapour throughout the day, lasting weeks long.