A Solar shade system for the facade of buildings that functions in relation to sunlight (day and night) mimicing the opening and closing effect of plant petals. Initial inspiration and research was undertaken into the Lotus flower.  The final design principle is purely conceptual and acts as a design proposal for further design research. Further investigation and design development would need to incur consideration of energy efficiency, financial costs, technological/ functioning possibilities..

biomimicry lotus

The Lotus follows Nastic movement (Nyctinastic effect). Loves sun and heat- is a day blooming plant that closes at night. It requires 6 hours of sun a day.

lotus timelapse

image source:lotus opening picture

flowers open close

pinecone openning

biomimicry intial concepts

biomimicry technologyCurrent technology/systems that can influence the solar shade systems function- water pressure, hydraulics, Thermal expansion coefficient of materials, Light sensors

design development

development biomimicry sketches

advantages problems biomimicryBiomimicry chris casey

Something of great beauty can be easily overlooked. Certain flowers bloom and close but over such long time periods that to our busy everyday lives become unnoticed.

Perhaps introducing this system could prove not just very beneficial to constructing a more modern, efficient and green environment but also open up our eyes to the delicacy and importance of natures processes.

Biomimicry chris casey solar shade

Night > Day

 Solar shade inside view chris casey

closed flower solar shade chris casey

half open solar shade chris casey

final render2

final rendering wall