Chris Casey


I consider Design as a creative process for innovation applied to many aspects of problem solving. Whether producing an application (app), product, brand or developing an idea, I conceptualise through sketching and the use of prototypes following standard design processes. To observe, study the environment, and identify a market gap or requirement not yet fulfilled drives my passion.

In product design I look for an equilibrium considering form, purpose, function, need and cost combined with a beautiful aesthetic. Creative design is not limited to a product or process but is a way of thinking. I endeavour to be responsive to any area of opportunity which may present itself. As a graduate of Industrial Design I recognise creative innovation is fundamental to business generation, development and economic growth. I seek to combine an understanding of Business and commercial objectives with the development of creative solutions that can lead to business value / entrepreneurial ventures.

I have lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This has influenced my awareness of international lifestyles and perspective of cultural differences. Finding the intrinsic value or unique distinguishing factor within a creative development, either through collaboration or individual exploration, is one of my primary driving forces. I am motivated to innovate new solutions providing value for the future.

Chris Lewis Casey