Collaboration and Experience


Leading on pitch deck strategy and communication. Developed identity, brand guidelines and provided branding strategy across all website UX/ UI design, information architecture. Supported with project management of reaching targets, managing deliverables and pitch deck development. Worked on industrial hardware design + packaging proposals. Supported the company develop towards further funding rounds.


Landor Logo

Selected to attend and participate in a design & strategy challenge day at Landor. A brand consulting firm founded in 1941 by Walter Landor, who pioneered some research, design, and consulting methods that coined the phrase as we use today “branding”. Creatives/ strategists from various disciplines and backgrounds were grouped in teams tasked to approach a one day branding project.

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Orangebus logo

Whilst at Orangebus 2016 - A research project looking into baggage handling and airport security. The project incorporated UX research, design and development for an application solution for an RFID baggage tracking solution.



Gillette logoDeveloping an innovative concept for personal grooming targeted for a specific market region and demographic.


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Matter logoWorking in conjunction with Matter (innovation partner to Gillette) considering market research, developing and designing concepts for a new product solution.

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NHS logo

A digital data recording system that digitalises the current notation process of patient and dentist forms. Diagrammatic marking systems provide an easy way for the dentist to record and 3 dimensional software to visualise the teeth as well as communicate with the patient.

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Black and Decker logo

Work in this project is confidential and cannot be disclosed at this time. The project involved developing the Black and Decker home range.


Peacocks logo

A prototype knee brace design for osteoarthritis, considering future manufacturing technologies (3D printing) to create a medical device with more aesthetic appeal. A team design project for the 'Peacocks Medical Group'. The knee brace incorporates a brand principle of 'NET' ( Natural, Evolution, Technology ).

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