As designers, we find inspiration in the things that surround us. We must be sensitive to our environment and be inspired by our observations. Research and investigation into water droplets and cylindrical ripple formations in order to create an "aqueous" inspired product. Producing a light inspired by following a series of experiments involving flow, surface disturbance, ripple dynamics and movement of water. Creating a light that illuminates in relation to the natural qualities of ripple refractions

ripple light drawing

  • water light chris lewis casey
  • ripple light chris lewis casey
  • water ring light 1
  • Water Light Chris Lewis Casey
  • wall ripple light rings
  • light flare chris lewis casey



A further design exercise based on the concept and analysis of water droplets and natural shaping. Consideration of refraction of light and the flow of water resulted in the design of contemporary seating in various forms.


chair in garden design


 A study of water ripples and how light interacts with the waters globules and the cylindrical surface movement. This video is a construction of research used for an "Aqueous Forms" inspired industrial design project.