Future Wireless Concept- Set Up -Timeline


The timeline above is a process analysis of the general pump set up process. This timeline explores the set up procedure for a wireless cartridge based pump as well as separate monitor device (like Freestyle Libre) wirelessly communicating and working together. Although not entirely a simplistic 2 stage process, a lot of the complex actions are removed from the current procedure considering the concern and risk during set up .  If insulin was pre packaged in cartridges such as the pens then that can reduce the set up procedure. Also less movement of insulin into different containers. Considering the technologies used and how the two devices communicate, this procedure could change with design development. Already this is a highly interesting and better managed set up rather than the existing procedure. Once the devices are mounted and operational the users management process while wearing the devices will be greatly reduced. The hope being that all management is performed automatically without the patient having to concern or interfere unless choosing to personally make adjustments.