Interim Meeting

Today I had my interim presentation. Present were David Parkinson and David O’Leary. Visiting the Diabetes clinic, feedback from diabetes patients as well as professionals was discussed as well as my planned route forward. I discussed my key insights and 3 design fields. My main question point to them was ‘How future do I go, with the consideration of current, proven and future possible technologies?’

David Parkinson said ‘as long as their is a level of approved viability and reasoning to that technology or area of research to possibly come into existence then, their is no problem with utilising that capability’. University of Leeds developed a functioning prototype system demonstrative of a laser non intrusive blood test. This is something I look into possibly considering.

Further Reflection Points:

  • Remember ‘story telling’ can be the best way of communication and you can do that through video
  • communicate the experience
  • David Parkinson:  ‘Refine, Reduce, Refine’ 
  • David O’Leary: ‘ If someone walks up to your exhibition not knowing.. they should leave saying .. Oh thats interesting.. thats cool’
  • David Parkinson: ‘Is it more about consumer usability or the medical -functional values’

Moving forward I will develop my design concepts following my time plan and really try to increase Diabetes patient engagement and gain insights on my routes.