Tim Cook (Apple) Diabetes Device


Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted by staff at the Palo Alto campus wearing a prototype blood glucose monitor.

Just over a month ago we reported that Apple was reportedly working on device that could help with the management of diabetes, but all we had to go on was reports of a secret team and a patent application.

Now it seems that the Apple CEO is being a fair amount more overt about the project. Sources confirmed to CNBC that: “Cook was wearing a prototype glucose-tracker on the Apple Watch”. The word ‘on’ is significant in that sentence.

Cook has previously been open about wearing a glucose monitoring device, but it hasn’t been clear whether this was an Apple device, or the device of another manufacturer.

In conversations with a group of students at Glasgow University, Cook very openly said: “I’ve been wearing a continuous glucose monitor for a few weeks, I just took it off before coming on this trip.”

Tim Cook has been spotted wearing the top-secret Apple diabetes device.  Andrew London (May 19 2017) techradar