Critical Justification Beginning – Consumer Insights

On the 18th January I had a brief discussion with David O’Leary my major project tutor I was influenced to step back into my exploration and gather further direct consumer insights. I consturcted a diabetes research survey/ questionnaire that followed my current sign of thought but also influenced possibility for new directions. I reached out on social media (Linkedin and Facebook)  to different people hoping to find contacts in the medical field as well as those with relations living with Diabetes. Suraj (a fellow designer in my year) connected me with his sister who lives with diabetes. She stated she was happy to help and I sent her the research document to complete pictured above. A close friend Joseph Galloso also stated he knew 2 people who use different medical devices ranging from pump to pen so said he would happily forward and connect me with his friends. Ben Wortley used to be in my year group yet took a year out undergoing different placements. He was currently positioned at Johnson & Johnson- the worlds leading medical products manufacturer according to  internet .  Although not positioned in the diabetes sector, he stated he would see if he could connect me with anyone to provide a design professionals perspective on designing medical devices and the important considerations.