‘Omnipod’ Volume Analysis


As I have been struggling to get ahold of an ‘Omnipod’ device I decided to gather dimensions from the internet. I then scaled images of the internal elements to the same volume sizing. This then gave me an idea of the sizing of all internal parts. I was specifically interested in discovering the insulin chamber volume. ‘Omnipod’ very recently introduced a smaller version and therefore the chamber shaping was also different. Through measuring the different sizes and learning the ‘Omnipods’ heights it became clear that the chamber in the smaller ‘Omnipod’ had to be oval and not round. I then learnt that therefore the lead screw plunger system could be in different shapes due to the chamber able to be different shapes. This opens up more variety in design capability for how the wireless pump appears. Learning the dimensions also enabled me to make a mock up model of a rough guidance sizing I should keep to for the design of a wireless pump device.