Decision and Pump function Discussion with David O’Leary

Pump mechanical function David O leary discussion

I had been trying to wrap my head around how to make the pump smaller in size. The ‘Omnipod’ is already very small but has limitations in chamber capacity and is disposable. The mechanical ‘lead screw pump system’ is highly compact but wastes space due to the mechanism and need for the same length of chamber in comparison to chamber length. Normal tube pumps function in a similar manner but are driven by a motor rather than a memory wire system therefore they are larger and heavier. I never truly believed a Pump system could be the right approach due to hygienic transfer and movement of the insulin but David convinced me to keep exploring further. We briefly discussed Colgate and their toothpaste pumps.. it would be a case of experiment and explore if it were possible to reengineer a mechanism and think about it functioning in an appropriate manner. I believed I was already reimagining the pump in an innovative manner by using the mechanical principle of the Omnipod but separating and rearranging the components positioning to be insulin and needle cartridge based. To reimagine the pump system inside the device would truly prove a forward driven innovative system.

We also discussed the monitoring device and the balance between a wearable and the pump all acting together as an artificial pancreas for option 5.