Cartridge Model Analysis

cartridge model

I started ideating around cartridge systems. Thinking about how the chamber in the Omnipod rather than be built in could be interchangeable just like insulin pens and other pumps. I produced a basic mock up model of a cartridge system. This would have to be drastically developed with the further considerations required for function and hygienic connections as well as the outer body.

Critical Justification Beginning – Consumer Insights

On the 18th January I had a brief discussion with David O’Leary my major project tutor I was influenced to step back into my exploration and gather further direct consumer insights. I consturcted a diabetes research survey/ questionnaire that followed my current sign of thought but also influenced possibility for new directions. I reached out on social media (Linkedin and Facebook)  to different people hoping to find contacts in the medical field as well as those with relations living with Diabetes. Suraj (a fellow designer in my year) connected me with his sister who lives with diabetes. She stated she was happy to help and I sent her the research document to complete pictured above. A close friend Joseph Galloso also stated he knew 2 people who use different medical devices ranging from pump to pen so said he would happily forward and connect me with his friends. Ben Wortley used to be in my year group yet took a year out undergoing different placements. He was currently positioned at Johnson & Johnson- the worlds leading medical products manufacturer according to  internet .  Although not positioned in the diabetes sector, he stated he would see if he could connect me with anyone to provide a design professionals perspective on designing medical devices and the important considerations.

‘Omnipod’ Volume Analysis


As I have been struggling to get ahold of an ‘Omnipod’ device I decided to gather dimensions from the internet. I then scaled images of the internal elements to the same volume sizing. This then gave me an idea of the sizing of all internal parts. I was specifically interested in discovering the insulin chamber volume. ‘Omnipod’ very recently introduced a smaller version and therefore the chamber shaping was also different. Through measuring the different sizes and learning the ‘Omnipods’ heights it became clear that the chamber in the smaller ‘Omnipod’ had to be oval and not round. I then learnt that therefore the lead screw plunger system could be in different shapes due to the chamber able to be different shapes. This opens up more variety in design capability for how the wireless pump appears. Learning the dimensions also enabled me to make a mock up model of a rough guidance sizing I should keep to for the design of a wireless pump device.

Products on the Market

Diabetes Product AnalysisI performed an analysis of the existing products on the market. This helped me gather a greater understanding of the different features and functions available.

Reflection: I found it particularly interesting to note  very few hightech pumps were designed with a coinciding monitoring device. There seems to be a range of hightech monitors or  pumps but not necessarily both features combined, or that can communicate with each other.

Registered with

Diabetes forum discussion

Registered with as a researcher. The website and form is very insightful. A large multitude of questions have been raised and discussed. I engaged in a few conversations about different pumps and patient scenarios. I found it particularly interesting to learn patents direct opinions on different insulin pumps, their benefits and flaws. There was a large conversation entitled ‘If your pump could do more’ .

DCA discussion


Today I met with Joe Miller and Laimis Narsutis from DCA Design International Ltd. DCA is know for working with brands such as Airwick, Scholl, Htachi trains and Sanofi. Specifically it is highly interesting knowing they developed the leading award winning designs of the Sanofi Allstar insulin pen.

After having a discussion with Joe and Laimis I took one key insight away : ‘Think about the data that is being communicated and how it is translated to the user- not just the functionality and technological needs of the devices- medical experts in the industry spend years developing new innovative medical products’

Discussion- General Practitioner

Dr James Heath

I organised a meeting with Dr James Heath for a very brief preliminary discussion about diabetes in general, how patients come to know about it and the process of discovering diagnosis.

From this discussion I was provided the contact details of Diabetes specialists at the RVI.